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"Microsoft Future Vision Vid"  Unrealistic, way too utopian but oh how I live for this stuff. 

Definitely putting it in the enormous collection of bookmarks & articles for my Student Directed Seminar - “Emerging Technologies and Business” 


Iris Van Herpen - Fall 11/12 - Place des Vosges

Using a combination of traditional sewing techniques and rapid prototyping, she’s created an incredibly organic, sculptural collection using technology-laden materials.

In short, this is the future of fashion.

To expand on that, this is what I believe to be not only the future of fashion but the key to any good design - integrating an aesthetic and functionality that is guided by the requirements and elegance of the natural world. This is what appeals instinctively to us as humans, the undulating patterns and fractal nature that shows up in much of her work.

As we come to a crossroads in technology where the capabilities of our creations are able to mimic or seemly exceed nature in ways, this is something to remember.

jersey shore oscar wilde style

UX and Willpower

The revitalization of retail in two ways.

1. Men - and their shopping habits  

2. iPad - Apple’s e-commerce system 

Allow me to explain why the iPad heralds a new era of retail shopping. 

The first realization of this was hearing about the launch of Mr Porter - the new spin-off website from the vastly successful Net-A-Porter luxury fashion e-retailer. Natalie Massenet discussed her company’s new site at the recent DLD conference in Munich during a panel on crowdsourcing. Most of the discussion is mundane but one point has stuck with me since watching it weeks ago, Natalie theorizing that the retail experience for men right now definitely isn’t perfect - and that with the right e-commerce site that caters to men who don’t generally enjoy the social aspect of shopping may hit that perfect note that shows success beyond current expectations in the category. 

This goes hand-in-hand with the smooth UI that the iPad and Apple offers in their line of products in addition to their “almost too easy” direct charge between the Apple ID and your credit card information. 

Lo and behold, just the other day, Giovanni Calabro of FastCompany writes an article on how he has been hiding his credit card bill from his wife ever since getting his iPad and the lowlowlow threshold of impulse shopping on it he’s been experiencing since. 

While the entire mobile e-commerce segment is pegged for sharp growth, outpacing older browser shopping and brick & mortar and I believe that retailers catering to men and in particular men’s fashion need to react fast to this new opportunity in the market. Remember when credit cards started taking off, how every basket of goods was just that much higher?